Luter-Publicidade e Serviços
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Printing and personalization of documents, Envelopes, Graphic Finishes,

Collages, Labels

  • Laser customization of letters and envelopes;
  • Label printing with or without bar codes;
  • Invoice print management and sending or communication to your customers;
  • Production management and physical inventory of components;
  • Shipment management for the CTT or other postal operator;
  • Large capacity laser and inkjet printers;
  • Thermal printers for bar code label printing;
  • Inkjet addressing printer for paper supports up to A4 size;
  • Automatic enveloper for up to 6 documents;
  • Automatic folders;
  • High capacity labelers;
  • Mechanical and manual enveloping of letters, brochures with or without match and bar code
  • Mechanical and manual labeling
  • Postal treatment, separation and strapping
  • Sample glueing with removable or permanent glue
  • Stickers glueing
  • Magazine inserts (loose page or right page)
  • Assembly of promotional boxes
  • Manual or automatic label application in medicine packages